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Product Details

Single Flip

Ultra-strong, lightweight side-flip tarping systems provide perfect trash containment for trailers 45 feet in length or more. These lightweight systems are 300 lbs. or less – half that of competitors’ systems, so you focus on hauling, not on how much weight your tarping system is adding to your load.  Side Flip tarping systems are available in single or double flip configurations. They install as bolt-on systems, meaning no welding is required, so systems can be installed quickly. Side Flip systems provide rapid, 100% containment, covering loads in as little as 20 seconds. Side Flip Tarping systems can even cover heaped loads. 

Ideal for waste and scrap hauling. 

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  • Fits both square and radius cornered trailers of any length
  • Self-contained electric-over-hydraulic power unit; complete hydraulic unit available
  • Rapid opening and closing
  • Ultra-strong yet lightweight
  • Extensively tested, including 11,000 open/close cycles with no failures 4 cycles per day, 5 days a week, equates to a 10-year life testing
  • Standard design allows system to cover heaped loads. Center support racks are available as option where needed
  • Tarp extends approximately 6" below trailer top to help seal load with galvanized cable for support
  • Spherical frame bearings eliminate bearing failure due to misalignment
  • Easy bolt-on installation, no welding required
  • Fewest parts of any side-flip system today: reinforced tarp, mounting hardware, ground control unit
  • Modular design allows for easy parts replacement
  • Weight of entire unit: 322 lbs (weighs 600 lbs less than competitors' systems)