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Product Number Description Related Products Qty Part Image
1213125BHCS 1/2-13 x 1-1/4in BHCS
1266 Heavy Duty Plug Set (Verticle)
15-10-0053 Press Fit Bearing
3416SLNGR8 3/4-16 Stoverlock Nut Gr. 8

424 Bit Snap

90-33319 Motor A w/1.1 hp & C End Cap
A1B20 7'6 x 20 Vinyl w/ 1 pocket
ADV72 5 x 7 Vinyl Diaper
AG39X96 AG Tarp 39 x 96
BNG38 Bungee 3/8 per ft.
CCH0102 1 3/8 Jam Nut
CCH0107 1/4" Thimble for wire rope
CCH0108 3/16" Thimble for wire rope
CCH0109 Cable Clamp -Crimp On Type-1/4
CCH0109B Cable Clamp-Crimp On Type-3/16
CCH0112 Grab Hook
CCH0132 Clevis Pin for Pulley Block
CCH0209T CCH Upright Top
CCH0214 CCH Swivel Roller
CCH0214F CCH Front Swivel Roller
CCH0218 CCH Cable Bracket
CCH0257 CCH Lower Strap Bracket
CCH0258P CCH Rear Pvt Brckt 10x 5.5 PS
CCH0279 CCH Ramp For Spear
CCH0284 CCH Spear Plate Assy Driver Si
CKH001 Boat winch for Ck Hauler
CNTR624 Container Tarp 8 x 24
COOP0219 COOP Rear Retainer
DSL1A30 MT Tarp for Load Lugger
DSL1A30C DS Lugger Tarp 5' 6" x 30 Comp
ESR-CS Crank Release Spring
ESR-LPA Locking Plate Weldment, Zinc Plated
ESR-P Locking Pin
ESR-RR10 Bungee Attachment
ESR-RR2 Roll Return, End Cap Drilled
ESR-RR4 Roll Return, Drive Flange
ESR-SB1 Spring Capture Bracket 1
ESR-SB2 Spring Capture Bracket 2
ESR-SB3 Spring Capture Bracket 3
ESR-SM01 Spring Mount
ESR-TB Torque Bearing
FT1A18 Flap Tarp 7' x 18' vinyl
GLUGAL Glue Gallon Can
GLUPT Glue Pint Can
GLUQT Glue Quart Can
HHPATCHKIT Patch Kit - Vinyl
K0101S Head Roller Box Shell Only 96"
K0101SM Head Roller Box 96"Smth Manual
K0101SS Head Roller Box Shell 96 Smth
K0105A Sprocket Stub Shaft Ass'y
K0105C Sprocket S Shaft & Bear Ass'y
K0106CG Belly Dump CS GB Attach.
K0113 5/16 x3/4 hex bolt gr. 8
K0119 Back Up Plate 5" x 10" x .250"
K0120 Head Roller Brace-Lt or Rt
K0125 Arm Sleeve & Chain Assembly
K0125A Arm Sleeve with Tab Only
K0125S Arm Sleeve & Chain Assy Set
K0130I Double Idler Sprocket
K0134 Clock Spring Plug (5 Spring)
K0134A Arm Connector, Cast (4 Spring)
K0134AC Cast Arm Connector Cover
K0138 Contact Lex.( Bolts-prts.only)
K0141 Contact Set Lexan Complete
K0141A Contact Lexan Plate Cab/Steel
K0141D Contact Lexan Back Plt Alu
K0144 Quick Connect - SET ( 2 Pcs. )
K0144B Blue Quick Connect SET 2 Pcs.
K0145 Ring Terminal Connector 3/8"
K01454 Ring Terminal - 1/4"
K0145R Ring Terminal Connector # 10
K0146 Wire #6 Dual-Per Foot
K014615 Wire-14ga. Per Foot
K0151 Rubber Coated Clamp 3/4"
K0163 Manual Backup
K0164 Rubber Grommet
K0165W CH Switch Box w/Wings
K0170CMC Chrome Motor Cover
K0170TSW24 24v SupTorque Motor Assy 90:1
K0173 Disconnect 2 Prong (Horiz.)
K0174 Aluminum Axle-Extruded-96"
K0176 CH 3 Position Rotary Switch
K0176M 12V Solenoid (Relay) Module
K0176Q Rocker Switch Assembly
K0176Q-OX Rocker Switch Assembly
K0176QW Rocker Switch w/ Wire
K0176RSB Mount Brkt. for Rocker Switch
K0176SO Rocker Switch Only
K0179 Stub Shaft 5.5"
K0179A Stub Shaft Assembly
K0179C Stub Shaft & Bearing Ass'y
K0181 Mounting Bracket For Switch
K0182 Brake Band Assembly
K0184 Circuit Breaker 50 amp
K0187 Bearing ABF-013 3/4"
K0188 Spring Plate Aluminum - Each
K0192 Drop Plate-Steel Short (each)
K0192L Drop Plate-Steel Long (Each)
K0193 Hex Spring Holder
K0196 Spring Holder Rd. Cold Roll
K0198 5/8" - 11 Nylon Lock Nut
K0199 Side Mount Spring
K0201 Chain Guard 7'/ Tread
K0205 Hex Chrome UB Ass'y w/AP (DS)
K0207 Hex Chrome UB wo/Arm Plug (PS)
K0209 Hex Chrome UB Ass'y w/AP (PS)
K0212 3/8 x 3/4 Hex Head Bolt Gr. 5
K0213 Hex Chrome UB wo/Arm Plug (PS)
K0219 Chain Sprocket per ft.
K0220 Chain Sprckt 16' w/Master Link
K0221 Master Link
K0226JR JR Spring Under 14'
K0251 Half Round Attch. Exterior Sup
K0252 Half Round Attch. Interior Sup
K0256 4 Spring Mounting Bracket
K0256N Pivot Pin - New Not Plated OX
K0258 Snap Ring
K0259 Nylon Washer
K0260 (5) Clock Spring Assembly DS
K0260A (4)Clock Spring Assembly DS
K0260C (4)Clock Sprng Assy Cast DS
K0260COXH Arm Plug Cast & Hardware DS OX
K0269HR Hex Round UB w/Alum Drop (DS)
K0269HRA Hex Rd UB w/Alum Drop +AP (DS)
K0283 Flat Washer 1 7/8 OD
K0301 Bushing for Cast A/C-4 Spring
K0330 Crank Handle Flip Tarp
K0340 Gear Box Tread Plate
K0340A Gear Box Ass'y Complete
K0341 Brake Drum
K0346 Clicker Steel 1" x 2.75"
K0347 Clicker Handle
K0348 Clicker Extension Spring
K0353 3/8" Flat Washer
K0356 3/8" Lock Nut
K0359 Yoke
K0360 Clevis Pin
K0365B 5/16 Lock Washer
K0366 5/16 flat washer
K0379 1/2" x 2 1/2" Hex Head Bolt
K03875 3/8" x 2" Sili. brnze. bolt
K0391 5/16 x 2 1/2 Hex Head Gr. 8
K0396 5/16" Lock Nut
K0401 Arm- 10' For Jr
K0415 Arm Connector
K0416 Arm Connector Hex
K0416N New Hex Arm Connector w/SS
K0420 Crossover 96" Bent
K0420D Crossover - Black Donut
K0424 Crossover - 5 piece
K0424D Crossover-5pc Rubber Doughnut
K0424E Crossover - Almag Elbow
K0424P 1 1/2" x 8 6" Schedule 40 Pipe
K0426 Hose Clamp
K0428 S-Hook
K0442 Boroc Drop Plate & Brackets
K0501 Spring 5/8" Left Hand "3300"
K0505 Extension Spring 25" 138 Coils
K0508 Dbl Udrbdy Housing Comp-Rgt
K0509 Dbl Udrbdy Housing Comp-Left
K0511 Underbody Ass'y w/AP (DS)
K0511B Underbody Ass'y wo/Arm Plug DS
K0512 Underbody Ass'y w/AP (PS)
K0512B Underbody Ass'y wo/Arm Plug PS
K0514D Doughnut & Clamp Bag
K0515 Flange Bearing - 1"
K0520 Pillow Block Bearing
K0520H Pillow Block Bearing - Hex
K0522 Cold Roll w/ clip 19"
K0522C Chrome hex C/R w/ clip 14.5"
K0522HE Cold Roll w/ clip 19" Hex End
K0550D Fender Att RollOff Ass'y DS+AP
K0702 End Plate-Left- New F/S
K0702R End Plate-Right- New F/S
K0703 96" New Extruded Face Shield
K0704A New Face Shield & End Plts 102
K0710 Face Shield Inner-36"
K0711 Face Shield Outer - 40.5"
K0834 Tele. Arm Upper - Drilled
K0836 Rubber D-Nut For Tele. Kit
K0837 Elbow 90 Deg. for Tele. Kit
K0839 Lower Tele. Arm w/ Plug
K0LOGO Logo plate - New
KS0102S Trans Roller Housing 102 Shl
KS6251E Arm 24' Ext.Trans.F/T No Con.
KS6252 Frt. Arm Connector Trans. F/T
KS6253 Back Up Arm Connect Trans. F/T
L2262 22'Set Lumber 6'wall 2 x row
LNDSCBUS Landscape Plastic Bushing
LNDSCFB Flange Bearing- Stamped Steel
MFAPC Arm Plug Cover 5 Spring
MFFTAG FT Arm Gusset 9.5 x 2.5 30 Deg
MPW1000 Wireless Remote, Single Functi
PBBOLT 5/8 x 1 1/2 hex bolt
PT102 Dump Shade Main Spring
PT110 Dump Shade Ratchet Housing
PT129 3/4 x 4 Full Thread Bolt
PT205 Dump Shade Pull Bar 10ft.
PT206 Dump Shade Spring Bushing 7"
PT209BD DS Tarp Ramp Bolt On Driver
PT209BDS DS Tarp Ramp Bolt On Dr Stl
PT209BP DS Tarp Ramp Bolt On Passenger
PT209S DS Tarp Ramp 12.8" x 3" Steel
PT211 DS Ratchet Gear w/Nut
PT215 Dump Shade Ratchet Assembly
PT219 Dump Shade Jump Ramps STL
PT223 DS Pull Bar Cap with Set Screw
PT230 DS Manual Pivot Bracket Al.
PT231 DS Manual Mount Bracket Al.
PT241 DS Roller Tube Bearing Milled
PUMPKIT Wetline Pump Support
R0101 Ratchet - Sideroll
R0101B Ratchet Bracket
R0101C Ratchet Bracket - Cast
R0102 1/4" x 1 1/2" Spring Pin
R0103 J-Hook - Steel
R0104 J-Hook Aluminum
R0105 Strap 5' Upper Regular S/R
R0105T Strap 8'Upper for Trans.Tr.
R0106 Strap 2' Lower
R01064 Strap 4' Lower
R0107B Rope- Nylon - per ft.-5/16"
R0108 Rollpipe per ft.
R0109 U-Clamp
R0111 Gudgeon - Loose
R0112 Crank - Sideroll Regular
R0112BSP Flex Crank Spring Pin 1/4 x 1"
R0112CR Key Ring
R0112FCH Crank-Flex-Crank Handle Only
R0112KC Crank - Retain JH-Keeper Cable
R0112LCE Crank-Flex-Lower Crank Extens.
R0112LRF Crank - LNR 54 Flex
R0112LRS Crank - Lock-N-Roll Straight
R0112LT Crank Flex - Lock Tube
R0112MFC Flex Knuckle
R0112RH Crank Retain J Hook Steel Comp
R0112RJ Crank Retain J Hook Only Steel
R0112SP Crank-Retain J-Hook Snap Pin
R0112UJ Splined U-Joint
R0112WL Crank- Wire Lock Pin for UJ
R0113 Tarp Strap 10"
R012035B EZ Off 3" Upright Only
R01203R Rubber Tarp Stop 3"
R01206R Rubber Tarp Stop 6"
R01206SB EZ Off 6" Upright Only
R0120E EZ OFF Tarp Stop 3" Complete
R0120E6 EZ Off Tarp Stop 6"Complete
R0120EB EZ Off Stop Body Bracket
R0120P EZ Off Clevis Pin
R0121 Bow - Aluminum
R0121F Flexbow 96" w/Aluminum Holders
R0121FHA Flexbow Holder Aluminum
R0121FHS Flexbow Holder Steel
R0121FO Flexbow Only 96"
R0121HD Heavy Duty Bow Complete
R0121SL Bow-Steel Leg 18"
R0121SSW Bow-Steel w/ nuts welded
R0122 Bow Bracket-Alum.
R0122B Bow Bracket Butterfly Style
R0122DBB Bow bracket-double
R0125 3/8 x 2 spring pin
R0128 Strap 9' Old Style forTransTr.
R0129 Crank Sideroll - Transfer
R0129F Crank - Short Front Trans.Tr.
R0130 1/8"x1 1/2" Alum Strip per ft.
R0131 Master Bow ONLY - 96"
R0131C Master Bow Complete
R0134 Ridge Pole- per ft.
R0137BS Tail-Bonnet only-bow style
R0138 D-Ring Assembly SS 1-1/8"
R0141 Spline
R0141W Spline Weldment
R0143 U-Joint S/R w/ welded key 12"
R0144 Polly Roll Protector
R0144A Poly Roll Prot. Set w/Hardware
R0145 Double Swaged Connector 12"
R0150 1/4 x 1 tek
R0151 1/4 x 1 1/2 Tek Hex Head
R0160 3/8 x 1 1/2 Type 23 T/C
R0161 1/4 x 3/4 Tek Phillips
R0170 Latch Plate - per ft.
R0171 Roll Return Assembly Complete
R0171BP Roll Return Bungi Protector
R0171E Roll Return - End Plug
R0184 Nose Alum. Cap - Flat 96"
R0196 Arm and Motor Mount Assembly
R0234 Belted Tarp Stop Bracket
R0236 Belted Tarp Stop
R0237 Belted Tarp Stop Complete
R0238 Pinless Crank Retainer
S1A18 7 X 18 Scr. w/ 1 pocket
SF0109 Hydraulic Rotary Actuator
SF0109-SK Hydraulic Actuator, Seal Kit
SF0111 KTI Hydraulic Power Unit
SF0112 Spherical Rod end Female
SF0120 3/8 x 5 Full Thread Bolt
SF0121 1/2"-13 x 5" Full Thread Bolt
SF0123 1/2 x 3 Hex Bolt
SF0124 1/2" x 5" Hex Head Bolt
SF0140 Hydraulic Valve Assembly
SF0142 1/2 - 13 TAP
SF0143 DRILL BIT 27/64
SF0146 5/8 X 6 Hex bolt
SF0151 Solenoid - KTI
SF0200 SF Link Attachment
SF0203S SF Mount Weldmnt-Frnt (Steel)
SF0206 SF Str Arm Rr Wldmnt w/Bushing
SF0208 SF Bent Arm Weldment w/Bushing
SF0212 SF Front Adjustment End
SF0213 SF Tarper Front Arm Ass'y
SF0216S SF Mount Weldment-Rear (Steel)
SF0220 SF Bumper Plate
SF0221 SF Rear Adjustment End
SF0224 SF Motor Mount
SF0224P SF Motor Mount Passenger Side
SF0224R SF Recessed Motor Mount
SF0237 SF Latch Assembly
SF0240 SF Small Link Arm Assembly
SF0241 SF Small Tube Spacer
SF0242 SF Large Tube Spacer
SF0257 SF Rec. Helac Mount Cap
SNA10 7 X 10 Flat Screen
TDH Rope Hooks
TG224 24'x 102 Trans S/R Gorilla
TGAV18 TNG Anti-Plt Vinyl 18' Tarp 96
TNGBOWFT TNG bow stock100 3/4" each
Z1001 Cable 7" Pulley
Z1003 Sprocket 7"
Z1004 Pulley Shaft 99.5"
Z1007 Masterlink (Nickel)
Z1008 Wind Deflector / Smooth 95"
Z1009 Wind Deflector/Tread Plate 95"
Z1010 Tension Bar - 93"
Z1011 Crank Handle Complete TNG
Z1013C Spider Wheel & Handle Comp.
Z1014 Cable 1/4" Stainless per ft.
Z1015 Cable Clamps 1/4"
Z1019 TNG Plastic Bow End - Regular
Z1022 1/8" Cable Clamp
Z1024 1/2" x 4" Carriage Bolt
Z1026 3/4" Nylon Insert Jam Lock Nut
Z1027 Chain Nickel #40 x 22"
Z1041B Wind Guard New 100" Smooth
Z1042 Adjustable Anti-Lift Bracket
Z1052 Tele - TNG End Bearing Plate
Z1053 Tele - TNG Ctr Bearing Plate
Z2000K Elec.95" MTA K-Bar Assly.Kit
Z2001 Sprocket 24 Tooth w/ 1" bore
Z2003 Chain Drive Motor Assy
Z2006 Torque Limiter w/ Sprocket
Z2006A Torque Limiter Only
Z2006B Torque Limiter Sprocket
Z2010T Chain Drive Tensioner
Z4001T Anti-Lift Set 3" Complete Kit
Z4004 Anti-Lift Driver Side 3"
Z4005 Anti-Lift Pasenger Side 3"
Z4010 5/8" ID x 4 1/2" Aluminum Tube
Z4031 Tension Bolt
Z4032 Dbl Bow 98" w/ 12" rise Comp.
Z4041 Chain Drive Motor with Torque
Z4053 Tarp Keeper For Slotted 5"
Z4054 Tarp Keeper For Slotted 3"
Z4060 3" Slotted Anti Lift Comp Kit
Z4062 5" Slotted Anti Lift Comp Kit
Z5000 Bow Only 98" w/ 12" rise
Z5000B Bow 104" w/ 12" rise Comp.
Z5002P Plastic Sleeve for TNG Bow
Z5007 Circut brkr. double 50 amp
Z5012 TNG Bow End (EZ) Finished
Z7000K R/Idler 8" StdBrckt CompKit DS
Z7001K R/Idler 8" StdBrckt CompKit PS
Z7002K Rear Idler16"Ext Brkt.Kit DS
Z7003K R/Idler16"Ext.Brckt CompKit PS
Z7004 4" C. Pulley/ T. Bolt Ass'y
Z7004B 4" Cable Pulley w/Bearing
Z7008 Rear Idler DS 16"Bracket ONLY
Z7011A 3/4" x 2" Bolt Milled
Z7012 3/4 Flat Washer
Z7025B 5" Rear Cable Pulley w/Bearing
Z7025M 5" Cable Pulley Front