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Product Details

Dump Body Flip Tarps provide a telescoping electric flip tarp system complete with polished aluminum three-piece wind deflector, side-mount springs, and two-piece telescoping heavy-duty tarp arms. Only guaranteed unbreakable tarp arm in the business! Fits up to twenty-two-length dump body or small trailer.

Request Information
  • Guaranteed unbreakable tarp arm
  • Custom-order tarp pivot arms to your specifications
  • Manual, ground-operated roller system or fully-automatic drive option
  • 3-year, non-prorated warranty on electric motor
  • Spring assemblies available in side-mount 4 or 5 spring or torsion spring with 3,300 lbs. hold-down pressure
  • Polished anodized aluminum windshield and end-plates
  • Versatile-use wind deflector
  • Rocker switch with solenoid is standard, rotary switch or remote control available
  • Heavy-duty black mesh tarp, 18 oz. vinyl alternative for asphalt applications
  • Optional spring cover for 4 spring side-mount
  • Tarp Saver Bar option locks tarp down on high can shield mounts