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Lock-n-Roll Side Roll Tarps

Lock-n-Roll Side Roll Tarps come with a standard 22 oz. vinyl tarpaulin material to provide a water-tight cover. 18 oz. option available. Come in a variety of sizes, both manual and electric. Stress points are double-reinforced for durability, and have the strongest latch plates in the industry. 

Ideal for coal and agriculture hauling markets.

Request Information
  • Front custom aluminum cap option, available with 2" wind deflector
  • Available in manual or electric operation
  • Stress points reinforced with double materials
  • Standard front-roll return
  • Rear crank handle options: flex or straight mount
  • Tarp stops
  • Available in Gorilla Mesh, 18 or 22 oz. vinyl

Product Number Description Qty Part Image
R0113 Tarp Strap 10"
R01203R Rubber Tarp Stop 3"
R012035B EZ Off 3" Upright Only
R01206R Rubber Tarp Stop 6"
R01206SB EZ Off 6" Upright Only
R0120E EZ OFF Tarp Stop 3" Complete
R0120E6 EZ Off Tarp Stop 6"Complete
R0120EB EZ Off Stop Body Bracket
R0120P EZ Off Clevis Pin
R0121 Bow - Aluminum
R0121F Flexbow 96" w/Aluminum Holders
R0121FHA Flexbow Holder Aluminum
R0121FHS Flexbow Holder Steel
R0121FO Flexbow Only 96"
R0121HD Heavy Duty Bow Complete
R0121SL Bow-Steel Leg 18"
R0121SSW Bow-Steel w/ nuts welded
R0122 Bow Bracket-Alum.
R0122B Bow Bracket Butterfly Style
R0122DBB Bow bracket-double
R0125 3/8 x 2 spring pin
R0128 Strap 9' Old Style forTransTr.
R0129 Crank Sideroll - Transfer
R0129F Crank - Short Front Trans.Tr.
R0130 1/8"x1 1/2" Alum Strip per ft.
R0131 Master Bow ONLY - 96"
R0131C Master Bow Complete
R0134 Ridge Pole- per ft.
R0137BS Tail-Bonnet only-bow style
R0141 Spline
R0141W Spline Weldment
R0143 U-Joint S/R w/ welded key 12"
R0144 Polly Roll Protector
R0144A Poly Roll Prot. Set w/Hardware
R0145 Double Swaged Connector 12"
R0150 1/4 x 1 tek
R0151 1/4 x 1 1/2 Tek Hex Head
R0160 3/8 x 1 1/2 Type 23 T/C
R0161 1/4 x 3/4 Tek Phillips
R0170 Latch Plate - per ft.
R0171 Roll Return Assembly Complete
R0171BP Roll Return Bungi Protector
R0171E Roll Return - End Plug
R0184 Nose Alum. Cap - Flat 96"
R0196 Arm and Motor Mount Assembly
R0234 Belted Tarp Stop Bracket
R0236 Belted Tarp Stop
R0237 Belted Tarp Stop Complete
R0238 Pinless Crank Retainer