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Ratchet Side Roll Tarps

Ratchet Side Roll Tarps are waterproof and designed to accommodate heaped bulk loads above bows. They are also referred to as Side Rolls. The entire tarp manually rolls out of load area and can be installed with a master bow and fabric cap to eliminate tarp strapping at bulkhead.

Ideal for waste and agriculture hauling markets.

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  • Two 12,000 lb. rated, ratchet straps standard for both nose and tail
  • Tarp is triple-reinforced at all stress points
  • Custom-designed for round or square nose trailers
  • EZ off tarp stops
  • Available with front crank operation

Product Number Description Qty Part Image
R0101 Ratchet - Sideroll
R0101B Ratchet Bracket
R0101C Ratchet Bracket - Cast
R0102 1/4" x 1 1/2" Spring Pin
R0103 J-Hook - Steel
R0104 J-Hook Aluminum
R0105 Strap 5' Upper Regular S/R
R0105T Strap 8'Upper for Trans.Tr.
R0106 Strap 2' Lower
R01064 Strap 4' Lower
R0107B Rope- Nylon - per ft.-5/16"
R0108 Rollpipe per ft.
R0109 U-Clamp
R0111 Gudgeon - Loose
R0112 Crank - Sideroll Regular
R0112BSP Flex Crank Spring Pin 1/4 x 1"
R0112CR Key Ring
R0112FCH Crank-Flex-Crank Handle Only
R0112KC Crank - Retain JH-Keeper Cable
R0112LCE Crank-Flex-Lower Crank Extens.
R0112LRF Crank - LNR 54 Flex
R0112LRS Crank - Lock-N-Roll Straight
R0112LT Crank Flex - Lock Tube
R0112MFC Flex Knuckle
R0112RH Crank Retain J Hook Steel Comp
R0112RJ Crank Retain J Hook Only Steel
R0112SP Crank-Retain J-Hook Snap Pin
R0112UJ Splined U-Joint
R0112WL Crank- Wire Lock Pin for UJ