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Ultra-strong, lightweight side-flip tarping systems provide perfect trash containment for trailers 45 feet in length or more. These lightweight systems are 300 lbs. or less – half that of competitors’ systems, so you focus on hauling, not on how much weight your tarping system is adding to your load. Side Flip tarping systems are available in single or double flip configurations. They install as bolt-on systems, meaning no welding is required, so systems can be installed quickly. Side Flip systems provide rapid, 100% containment, covering loads in as little as 20 seconds. Side Flip Tarping systems can even cover heaped loads. Ideal for waste and scrap hauling.

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Product Number Description Qty Part Image
SF0109 Hydraulic Rotary Actuator
SF0109-SK Hydraulic Actuator, Seal Kit
SF0111 KTI Hydraulic Power Unit
SF0112 Spherical Rod end Female
SF0120 3/8 x 5 Full Thread Bolt
SF0121 1/2"-13 x 5" Full Thread Bolt
SF0123 1/2 x 3 Hex Bolt
SF0124 1/2" x 5" Hex Head Bolt
SF0140 Hydraulic Valve Assembly
SF0142 1/2 - 13 TAP
SF0143 DRILL BIT 27/64
SF0146 5/8 X 6 Hex bolt
SF0151 Solenoid - KTI
SF0200 SF Link Attachment
SF0203S SF Mount Weldmnt-Frnt (Steel)
SF0206 SF Str Arm Rr Wldmnt w/Bushing
SF0208 SF Bent Arm Weldment w/Bushing
SF0212 SF Front Adjustment End
SF0213 SF Tarper Front Arm Ass'y
SF0216S SF Mount Weldment-Rear (Steel)
SF0220 SF Bumper Plate
SF0221 SF Rear Adjustment End
SF0224 SF Motor Mount
SF0224P SF Motor Mount Passenger Side
SF0224R SF Recessed Motor Mount
SF0237 SF Latch Assembly
SF0240 SF Small Link Arm Assembly
SF0241 SF Small Tube Spacer
SF0242 SF Large Tube Spacer
SF0257 SF Rec. Helac Mount Cap