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The Tarp-n-Go system is built for extended wear with high-quality aluminum components, super-tough nylon bow ends with memory, a motor covered by a 3-year non-prorated warranty, and stainless steel cables. It is extremely easy to install.

Ideal for trailers.

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  • Quiet direct drive motor covered by 3-year non-prorated warranty
  • Manual crank with 9 locking positions
  • Full-coverage wind deflector with easy motor access provided on electric systems
  • Stainless steel cables
  • Tarp bows store completely out of load area
  • Tarp bow ends have built-on extended wear material, adjustable for 96" or 102" trailers with one bow
  • Extended-wear, super-tough nylon bow ends with memory
  • Cable ensure pop up between bows
  • Power Bow option standard for extra length with any system 26' and longer
  • Optional self-cleaning pulley
  • Rear idler with 4" pulley
  • High-quality aluminum components
  • Easy to install

Product Number Description Qty Part Image
15-10-0053 Press Fit Bearing
TGAV18 TNG Anti-Plt Vinyl 18' Tarp 96
TNGBOWFT TNG bow stock100 3/4" each
Z1001 Cable 7" Pulley
Z1003 Sprocket 7"
Z1004 Pulley Shaft 99.5"
Z1007 Masterlink (Nickel)
Z1008 Wind Deflector / Smooth 95"
Z1009 Wind Deflector/Tread Plate 95"
Z1010 Tension Bar - 93"
Z1011 Crank Handle Complete TNG
Z1013C Spider Wheel & Handle Comp.
Z1014 Cable 1/4" Stainless per ft.
Z1015 Cable Clamps 1/4"
Z1019 TNG Plastic Bow End - Regular
Z1022 1/8" Cable Clamp
Z1024 1/2" x 4" Carriage Bolt
Z1026 3/4" Nylon Insert Jam Lock Nut
Z1027 Chain Nickel #40 x 22"
Z1041B Wind Guard New 100" Smooth
Z1042 Adjustable Anti-Lift Bracket
Z1052 Tele - TNG End Bearing Plate
Z1053 Tele - TNG Ctr Bearing Plate
Z2000K Elec.95" MTA K-Bar Assly.Kit
Z2001 Sprocket 24 Tooth w/ 1" bore
Z2003 Chain Drive Motor Assy
Z2006 Torque Limiter w/ Sprocket
Z2006A Torque Limiter Only
Z2006B Torque Limiter Sprocket
Z2010T Chain Drive Tensioner
Z4001T Anti-Lift Set 3" Complete Kit
Z4004 Anti-Lift Driver Side 3"
Z4005 Anti-Lift Pasenger Side 3"
Z4010 5/8" ID x 4 1/2" Aluminum Tube
Z4032 Dbl Bow 98" w/ 12" rise Comp.
Z4031 Tension Bolt
Z4041 Chain Drive Motor with Torque
Z4053 Tarp Keeper For Slotted 5"
Z4054 Tarp Keeper For Slotted 3"
Z4060 3" Slotted Anti Lift Comp Kit
Z4062 5" Slotted Anti Lift Comp Kit
Z5000 Bow Only 98" w/ 12" rise
Z5000B Bow 104" w/ 12" rise Comp.
Z5002P Plastic Sleeve for TNG Bow
Z5007 Circut brkr. double 50 amp
Z5012 TNG Bow End (EZ) Finished
Z7000K R/Idler 8" StdBrckt CompKit DS
Z7001K R/Idler 8" StdBrckt CompKit PS
Z7002K Rear Idler16"Ext Brkt.Kit DS
Z7003K R/Idler16"Ext.Brckt CompKit PS
Z7004 4" C. Pulley/ T. Bolt Ass'y
Z7004B 4" Cable Pulley w/Bearing
Z7008 Rear Idler DS 16"Bracket ONLY
Z7011A 3/4" x 2" Bolt Milled
Z7012 3/4 Flat Washer
Z7025B 5" Rear Cable Pulley w/Bearing
Z7025M 5" Cable Pulley Front