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When I call to order my tarping system, what questions will you ask to help match me with the correct application? First, we ask what types of materials you’re hauling. This includes asphalt, gravel, trash, coal, etc. Next, we need to find out what you’re hauling with, either a dump truck or trailer. Finally, we need to know the length and width of your truck bed, which will help determine the type of kit you need. 

Why would I want to have an electrically operated tarp? An electric tarp allows drivers to crank their tarp without getting out of the cab. Many job sites have safety rules requiring hard hats, steel-toed boots, goggles, and more. If the driver can drop off his load without getting out of the cab, he or she does not have to gear up in safety equipment, saving both time and money.

What if I already have a manual tarp and want to convert it to an electric option? Mountain Tarp sells conversion kits to help you convert your tarp into an electronic tarp, such as the Lock n’ Roll.

Why would I need a waterproof tarp? Waterproof tarps like the Lock n’ Roll are often required for agriculture and coal hauls.

What if my trailer is bigger than 38’? Can Mountain Tarp provide me with a big enough tarp? Absolutely. Mountain Tarp has several options for covering what we call “Open Top Trailers”.

Why is Mountain Tarp’s Side Roll such a bestseller? Mountain Tarp’s Side Roll is our biggest seller for hauling trash, mulch, sawdust, and more. It doesn’t need a latch plate, which provides clearance for doors. Our Gorilla mesh top is our #1 seller for hauling trash.